Here is the link to the original story. If you read it, you can see how there is not much detail yet.

It’s enough for me.

This will be a short opinion. It seems to me that when faced with a life-threating situation, you defend yourself in the best way possible. It’s the way of war. The guy on the other side of the battlefield has one thing on his mind: Survive. He’ll do whatever it takes, even if that means killing you.

Let’s look at the setting. The man got thrown out of a bar late night/early morning. Probably got himself drunk. He comes back later with a gun. Does it really matter why he was kicked out? No. You shouldn’t get all worked up over something that was probably not even that serious. Alcohol definitely had an influence in the situation. That, or I guess he thought he would get his way if he had a little “persuasion”. Thing is, the other guy had a gun too. When the shooter fired, the other guy had the right to fire back. The Police don’t shoot until shot upon and I think that rule applies here.

What am I saying? I’m saying that this was a justifiable homicide. Of course, as more details emerge, both guys could be the bad guy. Or maybe there is a twist to it. But I doubt it. And besides, it doesn’t matter. I still say that if you’re shot at, you have the right to protect yourself.

And that, my friends, is my opinion!