You hear how Facebook ruined people’s lives. Relationships in turmoil. People getting fired for their statuses. They then say those famous words, “Facebook ruined my life!” Let’s be honest here. Did Facebook really get you fired?

I need to be careful here. I’ve done some research (google “Facebook ruined my life”) and I’ve read some stories. I can tell you that this post is directed toward how some people blame Facebook for their problems. I’ll explain what I mean in a moment. This is not geared toward how Facebook is changing the way we live. From the sites I’ve hit, the two ideas (Ruining life and changing social life) are closely related.


Ok you know how people say “the Devil made me do it!”? Well, the Devil didn’t make you do anything. He can’t make you do anything. So it’s the same with Facebook. Some people out there get fired because of a status they put up there. Might make fun of their managers or the company. Then, the person in trouble goes down one of two paths. One is owning up to your mistake, and the other is point the finger.

Let me clear something up here. I don’t have the words to express what’s on my mind but I’m giving it a shot. There really are people who blame Facebook for their problems like they would blame the Devil. That’s who I’m talking to in this post.

Got it? Good. And if not, sorry. Back to my point. The people who point the finger to Facebook need to realize something. Facebook didn’t tell you to put that inappropriate stuff up. Mark Zukerberg didn’t jump out of your closet and put a gun to your head saying, “Tell everybody your boss smells like feet.” You put that up, your boss saw it, and you’re screwed.

Employers look you up before they hire you. You got some pictures of you in Barney underwear holding a bottle of beer? The hiring people see that and are likely not going to hire you. Whose fault is that? Yours. I saw a special on NBC about a teacher that got fired because of a status. She said something about her students being dumb. She got busted and fired. She was crying because Facebook ruined her life. Really? You shouldn’t have put that status up.

Privacy problems? People are getting mad at Facebook because their privacy is being violated. I’m not saying they shouldn’t be but come on people. You put yourself at risk when you talk about people behind their back. In fact, don’t get mad when you get in trouble for doing something stupid. Privacy or no privacy, you shouldn’t be talking about people behind their back.

One guy was writing about his life and how Facebook affects it. One statement he made went like this:

Miss Carmen Lovely is, without a doubt, the most fabulous person in Mullingar. That’s saying something. And Miss Carmen Lovely is the most glamorous person to call themselves my Facebook friend. Nary a day passes, it seems, without the fair Carmen posting yet more pictures of herself and her fabulous mates having, you guessed it, an utterly fabulous time. In Mullingar.

Carmen and myself enjoy what can only be described as a hands-off friendship, having not actually seen each other or had any contact whatsoever for, ooh, 18 years or thereabouts. We were both in college together for a few months. She was plain old Carmel Lovely back then. Thanks to the magic of Facebook, however, I am now privy to her day-to-day activities, along with those of several other former classmates who had disappeared into the ether. Not only that, I’ve just been appointed a moderator of our alumni website. I’m not quite sure how that one happened.

The best part of all this? When your significant other is – thanks to Facebook’s nifty People You May Know application – promptly invited to become Carmen’s friend, via your own association with The Loveliness, which leads to the question you’ve been dreading: “Who the hell is Carmen Lovely?” It’s a long story.

So there is the problem. Having relationships with people and then comes the cheating. In this guy’s story, he wasn’t cheating but, for those who do get caught, they may get mad at Facebook. But c’mon people, Facebook is just sitting there. Only you can send a message to your secret lover. Only you can be a fool and leave the message thread open so your girlfriend can walk by and see it. (That was from yet another story I read.)

It seems real foolish and improbable for people to blame Facebook for their problems but these people do exist. Drama? Facebook gives you the ability to delete any “friends” that cause this drama. So instead of saying Facebook is full of drama and sinister activity, take control and get away from the drama. You can block the vision of  friend’s statuses on your feed. There! Now you don’t have to see that corny remark like, “I’m out of the shower” or “I’m going to sleep now but hmu!” Facebook gives you full control of what you put out and what you see. The only person you can blame is yourself. Of course, there are the privacy issues. Obviously, you should be able to post anything you want and not worry about people seeing things that you don’t want people to see. But you shouldn’t be putting up inappropriate stuff in the first place. So…ha!

The reason behind people blaming Facebook for their problems is they don’t want to own up to their mistake. That’s what it comes down to. Look in the mirror and realize that you messed up. There really is nothing wrong with Facebook. Except for the addiction but that’s another story for another day (wink, wink).

And that, my friends, is my opinion!