I’m going to look at two things today. First is how Christians should witness to non-christians. And second is how I really don’t even care for the different dominations of christianity. If you are unsaved, stick around for a bit please. I’m not going to preach to you, this is geared towards christians anyway. It would be a good idea to keep reading so you can see what to expect in terms of how someone SHOULD witness to you.


When christians go about telling the gospel, I say there is a right way and a wrong way of sharing the info. The biggest mistake is that christians look down at other people as if they are so above them and perfect. This drives the unsaved away. No one wants to be bashed with so much crap about what’s wrong with them. Instead, we need to make sure we give our testimony. Meaning, we should tell the unsaved that we, as christians, were in the same boat. We finally see the light and we invite you to do the same. Open up about your past and show that you have faults too and yet God accepted you.

Also, can you really bash non-christians for not understanding spiritual concepts? We should understand where they are coming from and then we can prepare our “debate”. Like trying to explain christianity to a buddhist, you have to be willing to break through their wall with patience and understanding. and don’t cram the gospel down their throats; set an example with actions too. I know if somebody kept rambling on and on about something I don’t care about I’ll eventually shun them out.

And i’ll say this: Sometimes God uses several people to minister to a unsaved person. Look at this: First, a person will hear the first mention of God. Then, the seed is planted. Now God continues to send people bit by bit to expose them to more of His presence. Now one person may not lead the person to the final stage of accepting Jesus as Savior but you are a part of the witnessing journey for the person and your role may be just to water the seed. So don’t get worked up if someone isn’t listening to you as you witness; the plant may not be fully grown. Someone else will finish the job. And remember, all we can do is lead them to Christ but only Christ can do the changing of hearts and making a person new.


Oh man I was filling out a job or college application and stumbled across a question: What is your religion? Now it was a drop-down list and I didn’t click on the little arrow to show the options but I figured it would have stuff like Jewish, Buddhist, Christian and the rest. And they were there. But the Christians had what seemed to be 10 different dominations! I recognized a few of them but there were some I never heard of. Look, that’s all well and good but Jesus never used the word “christian”. Do we need all of these different practices? Ok I get we have different ways we read the Bible, live life and pleasing God. But, at the end of the day, Jesus only will care about whether you accepted Him in your life. You reach the gates of heaven and he don’t want to hear about what kind of christian you are.

We need to lean toward what being a disciple is all about: Jesus came to earth to live the perfect life and to die on the cross so that ALL may be saved. Let’s not worry about all the other stuff so much, ok?

But hey, that’s just my opinion!