It wasn’t meant to be a sequel but I have some other things to say. We need to talk. I mean use our vocals. If we keep texting at the rate we are, we’ll lose some speaking ability. And then we use “lol” (laugh out loud) and “brb” (be right back) and “wtmgh” (wait till mom gets home). I actually made that last one up. We’re not even using whole words anymore. How long before we forget how to spell?

I personally used to be a bad speller. But, the more I wrote, the more I used words. And, with spell check’s help, I have learned how to spell words I never could spell before. When I text my friends, I use words. For “two” “to” and “too”, I make sure to differentiate them; instead of using “2”. Stuff like “i went 2 da store b4 it closed” is not how I flow. I get that texting is sort of abbreviated and there is only so many characters that are allowed in the message before you send it.

My problem is that people are slipping. I was talking to this young lady and she was so consumed in the ways of how she text messaged people, she actually said “brb”. Then she caught herself and said “I mean, be right back”. See? She’s on the verge of not using words. Instead, she’s using the abbreviations or acronyms that come with saying whole words. FBI, CIA, USDA and other types of organizations use acronyms. That’s OK (oops I mean okay) in my book.

Hey it’s not like we’re on the verge of it. But, cell phone companies are starting to consider getting rid of the calling feature on the cell phone because more and more people are more concerned about the type of keyboard on the phone to text with. Also, internet and wi-fi type stuff too. Less and less people are actually calling people with the cell phones.

Now let’s enter the world of economics for a moment. Without getting too heavy in the terminology, I will explain why cell phone companies would be willing to rid the calling feature. It’s all about meeting the demand. In example, if a nation of people are a war-like people or are in war, they’re going to produce war materials. If they are a cultured nation; culture products are the main focal point. And if a texting nation is all about texting, the resources are going to go into making the text feature stand out. That means, other features on the phone will have poorer quality or would be considered useless.

Good so that’s done. Like I said in part one, let’s open our mouths and have some nice talks, literally. We’ll end up talking like cavemen if we’re not careful. I’m 20 years old. My generation is pretty much seen as the biggest users of texting and whatever. But I’m still more of the old-fashioned ways. I’m not against texting at all. But, let’s keep things in moderation.

And that, is just my opinion!