Oooh snap! It’s the holiday season. Christmas is my holiday. But why? The gifts? Yeah they’re nice. Family? Sure it’s great to have a good laugh now and then. But, what is Christmas really about? Santa will represent all that Santa is about. He will also represent other well known Christmas values like giving gifts and spending time with family.

Okay let’s look at one view. Christmas is a time of giving. A time where we come together to have a good time or something. Some people get all bubbly inside. There’s more hugs. More love. Kids open their gifts from Santa after months of preparing and mailing a wish list to that big guy in the north pole. And then they get older and realize that Christmas is about the stuff I just said at the beginning of the paragraph.

But that’s not the true meaning of Christmas. Need a hint? The true meaning is actually in the word. Christ-mas. Yes Christmas is the story of how Jesus came…

Let me pause right here to make a very important point. Jesus is Jesus. His name is not Jesus Christ. You wouldn’t call Him Mr. Christ in reference to His last name. Also, pronouns referring to Jesus (His, Him, He) will ALWAYS be capitalized, since His name is just that powerful. Really you’d be surprised what you can do just by saying the name “Jesus”. I’ve done some incredible things!

Back to the story, Jesus came from heaven with one thing on His mind: Save the world. But, here’s where the “giving” comes in. God gave the world His only Son, not to condemn the world, but to save it. That’s where the “giving” comes from. That’s why we should be giving each other gifts. God gave the ultimate gift. From there, the other stuff that we’re accustomed to (spending time with family, giving to the less fortunate, stuff like that) come.

Be careful with Santa. He represents the face behind Christmas in an effort to distract us from the true meaning of Christmas. There’s no doubt in my mind that Satan himself told somebody to use Santa. Santa’s story brings a nice story everybody can get along with. Sin always looks nice in the beginning doesn’t it? Not to say believing in Santa is a sin. I’m saying that Santa is a lie to the world. He is attempting to take the place of Jesus in our hearts. That can’t happen. It shouldn’t happen.

Yeah Santa, I’m calling you out man. As innocent as you may seem, many souls have been lost just from the fact that your big fat self is blocking the view of Jesus (both literally and figuratively). As long as you’re around, I will continue telling the real story of Christmas.

We should be grateful for the things that Christmas brings. That’s not the issue. We just need to remember what Christmas is truly about. Keep Jesus on you pedestal. There shall be no other gods (Santa, gifts, family) before Him. Best you remember!

And tune in next year to see Jesus vs the Easter Bunny!

And that, is just my opinion!