Yeah act like you know. Which drink taste better? Coke or Pepsi? Sierra Mist or Sprite? Stuff like that. I went to both company’s web sites to see their whole list of products so don’t knock me for information that may seem wrong. Here are the links so you can check it out yourself. Might be surprised at what you see. Coke. Pepsi.

We’re going to be talking about the drinks. We’re also going to be talking about what I’ve personally drank.

Coke vs Pepsi:

When I was younger, I never could tell the difference between the two drinks. So, whenever I was told to pick one up in the store, I’d ask, “What’s the difference?” Now, I actually can taste the difference. And, I have to say, Pepsi taste better. I can drink Coke if I had to but Pepsi is a clear winner. Even cherry flavored Pepsi taste better than cherry Coke. Simple as that.

Tropicana vs Simply Orange

There are different flavors but we’ll stick with orange juice. For some reason, Simply Orange (I’ll call it Simply for short) is better than Tropicana. I will say for most of my childhood, I had Tropicana. Only a few years ago did I end up being introduced to Simply. And the verdict: It’s magically Simply, delicious!

Gatorade vs Powerade

Ok well out of these two, I’d have to roll with Gatorade. That’s for taste reasons. As for looks, I like the way Powerade looks. I have a better grasp of the bottle. Gatorade needs this big hand to get full control of it. I feel like a baby using both hands to suck milk out of a bottle. But that’s probably because I have small hands.

Aquafina vs Dasani

Ok really people. It’s water! Dang!


So, which brand of drink do you prefer? Coke products? Pepsi? Maybe a third party? For me, the taste are mine to have.

And that’s my opinion!