There was some stirring up about how Silas Redd wanted to leave Penn State in the midst of the recent scandal. He’s been labeled as a traitor by some. I believe that his leaving isn’t necessarily right, but it’s definitely not wrong. Look, if I were a football player in college with high hopes of making the NFL, I want to be in the best spot possible. Redd needed a fresh start. A change of scenery. Is it his fault that the school is in this situation? Nope. Should he have stayed to show his support/loyalty for the school? It depends on the situation and in this case I would say he shouldn’t feel bad at all for moving on.

If I were Silas, I’m gone too. The scandal is too much of a distraction. I need to be able to concentrate on my game (oh and my studies). So, Silas Redd leaving Penn State is not really a big deal. You could say he should’ve stayed, you could say he needed to go. It’s really a “to each his own” thing.

And that’s, just my opinion!