This blog was formerly known as Dante’s Opinion. Why did I change the blog to DALANEL? Welp I think it expands my writing field.

This blog is about me. I’ll talk about my two books. I’ll talk about celebrities. I’ll talk politics. I talk about anything. Follow me. Follow me because my perspective is unique. Follow me because it’s my own thoughts, I’m not paid to say anything.

Follow me.

In a world where money talks, I’m not influenced by anything like that. You won’t see ads on this blog. Just me and my very honest thoughts. Perhaps to honest? It’s uncensored stuff here. Not that sugar coat crap. I sometimes make outrageous claims. Get used to it.

Suck it up!

I love sarcasm and exaggerating. Love it. I joke around. At the same time, I’m one that is very capable of ranting. On the rare times I get angry, I explode.

Hey guess what? Chicken butt.

I don’t use fuck, shit, bitch (unless talking about a dog), damn, and hell (as in what the hell!?). I mean, I just choose to not use those words. I would use these words if I knew my pastor was reading this blog. I would kiss my mommy with that mouth. But, the fact is, I just choose not to use those words.

I’m what they call an African American or a Black guy. My skin is brown. I’m not black. So leave me alone with all that “negro” crap. So now what?

Oh God he’s black!? I said I’m brown!

Yeah so what? Are you expecting something different? Your stereotypical machine is churning. Maybe you think all black people can’t write? Hm? If so, you should hit that backspace button now. Oh don’t worry, this isn’t some BLACK POWER! WHITE MAN AIN’T GONNA KEEP ME DOWN! blog. I don’t have time for that foolishness. I will not be using “Nigger” or even “nigga” either. Makes no sense to use it.

Hey but you go ahead.

I’m not some snotty guy who thinks he’s better than everyone else. I’m a humble 21 year old who feels like he’s been around for 42 years. I’m a college student but in all honesty I HATE school. With all my heart. But I understand that the best path to success is getting that degree so I suck it up and open the books.

This blog enters the mind of Dante Nelson.

My deepest thoughts out in the open? Yeah pretty much. You’re probably a stranger to me. No really. If you think you know me, you’re in for a few surprises. That’s what DALANEL is about. I thank you for reading this post. The previous posts of this blog does not represent where this blog is going. It’s a new style coming.

Get ready.



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