So apparently Allen Iverson signed a contract to play in front of a crowd of 1500 people. Lima, Ohio is the location. Yes, he was on contract. A legal contract. Here’s the big quote and it’s disturbing if you’re a big Iverson fan:

“He didn’t give me his word. He gave me a contract,” Simpson said. “This wasn’t a handshake agreement. This was an actual contract that he was going to be here. I never had a conversation with Allen Iverson myself, I didn’t need to. I talked to his people and they assured me he was coming. They told me (Saturday night) he was in the Dayton airport. They assured me he was on the road (to here), but I’m starting to think that that was basically a lie. It was very embarrassing.”

Quincy Simpson was the guy promoting the event using Iverson as the centerpiece.

Look, I’m personally rather disappointed in the no-show. I’m a little surprised too. I wonder what happen? I mean, if his people were really telling the truth, Iverson should’ve been able to play.

Here’s a guy who claims he wants to play basketball. When he came to the Sixers and Celtics game 6 in the 2012 playoffs (I was there!), he was interviewed and one of the things he said, as he’s been saying since he announced his first retirement before the 2009-2010 season, was that he wanted to play b-ball. He still had passion for the game.

So why did he bail? A last minute emergency in which he couldn’t explain to the event people? He didn’t feel like it? The story doesn’t mention anything about money involved although I would think cash was discussed.

I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around Iverson lying. Would he do that? Would he lie and say he’ll play? Okay so he didn’t technically “say” anything but a contract is a voice. So yes, he said he would play. And then for his people to say “Yeah he’s on the way” is really bad too.

I’m one of those guys that never really connect character with on the court play. What Kobe did in Colorado is his business. All I care about is what happens on the court and in the basketball world. That goes for actors, musicians, etc. I only judge an actor’s acting by his acting.

It’s the same with Iverson. I rarely look up to famous people/celebrities since I don’t know them personally. I’ve never aspired to be a great writer/comedian/actor (I’ve written a movie script before) from Hollywood. I get dreams from people I know. Friends. Family. They inspire me.

So my feelings are not hurt. In my personal thoughts, I believe that looking up to people you don’t know is not the best thing to do. You just don’t know them. On a professional side, it’s obviously not a problem. When it comes to morals and characters, nah I don’t get involved.

I look up to loved ones because I have a relationship with them. I know them. I hang with them. They give me advice on how to further my goals. Those are people you look up to. Maybe one day someone will look up to me. Then again, I don’t look up to me.

Whether or not Iverson wanted this, he’s got it. Kids all around have seen him play. He’s no secret to long time NBA fans. And when you’re in the spotlight, people look at you. Some hate the very fact you’re even in that light. Some people want to be in the light and follow different paths to get there.

But Iverson is different.

You want to be him on the court. Electric style of play. Putting on a good show. But practice rants and an unwillingness to be coached doomed him. The only reason why he was not benched was because he was one of the best players in the league in his prime. You just don’t bench that. You tolerate it.

Gettin old there buddy.

Yeah and that’s all Iverson had. He was a great player. I for one don’t think he was prepared for the inevitable fact that he was going to lose his edge. He was going to slow down. Maybe he knew that day was coming but either doesn’t accept that it’s now or thinks he’s still got something.

Heck, casual fans always get surprised when I say I don’t want Iverson back on the 76ers. I don’t. For one thing, it goes back to being a mentor and role model. He’s not that. The things I fear he will do to the locker room…my God. The 76ers are full of young guys still learning the game. And sadly, I don’t want Iverson to be the guy they look to.

So, here we are. In a state of what can only be called as not surprised. I’m not surprised Iverson bailed out. I’m not. It still sucks as I don’t want to see Iverson’s life be remembered after this.

A man whole loves basketball may never have the chance to do anything after his playing days. Some players come back as coaches, GM’s and even will buy a team. But can you see Iverson doing that? Really? Dude never wanted to wear a suit. That’s not a problem with me as I hate suits myself. But, those types of jobs require a suit. The recent dress code of the NBA was made up mainly for Iverson sitting in a t-shirt and jeans because he couldn’t play the game that day but wanted to show team support by sitting behind the bench.

Imagine Iverson as a coach. The practices would be all f’d up. As a GM, he’d probably get guys who could shoot. And only shoot. Owning a team? Well as long as he’s not the managing owner that’s cool. He just supply the money and get out the way.

What about commentary? You can’t listen to this guy talk on a mic. For one thing he’d cuss us all out. And his slang wouldn’t get him too far. I rarely speak slang. That’s just me.

Maybe Iverson can clean up his act.

Maybe. I don’t see it though. I really don’t. I mean, he’s lost almost everything and he still continues to stay on course. Maybe he has to lose EVERYTHING in order to be smacked into reality. I don’t know. I just hope they don’t find his body in a ditch somewhere clutching onto an Iverson bobble head of his prime days in the Sixers uniform while his eyes are wide open in deathly shock with foam running down his chin and neck. Tragic. This story may have seemed minor but it could be an indication of where we’re headed. Gotta stop this thing before it gets out of hand.

Hope he gets himself together but I advise people to look somewhere else for a career guidance.