Hello readers! I wanted to share something special with you. It’s more of a localized deal though so if you don’t live near south Jersey, well…I guess catch a plane?

You already know I’m into the Christian thing. Praise Jebus and hallelujerrrr and all that good stuff. Okay no that’s not how it is. Anyway, my church is doing this Christmas Cantata that is sure to be big. And I want to invite you this FREE event. There’s singing, dancing, bands, tableaux, and of course food. Oh and I’m in it. Kinda. I mean, you probably won’t see me but, thanks to me, you’ll see everything. Yes, I’m the lighting director.

So, why should you come?

Oh, I’ll tell you. But, you already know, I’m a background guy. So, I have to talk about the history of the cantata and how I got involved. You can skip over this though. When you see a paragraph starting with an asterisk (*), you can start reading again. Otherwise, enjoy the story. This version of our annual cantata is the same as the past 2 years. We’ll be telling the story of Jesus’ birth using tableaux. If you don’t know what a tableaux is, it’s what is called a “living picture”. It’s similar to the nativity scenes you’re probably used to seeing. Folks will dress up as the characters and stand right on stage in different positions just like a picture. Hence, “living pictures”.

I was involved in the Christmas cantata since 2009. In 2009, we were doing something different. We had a play; you know actors and lines and stuff. I was in charge of the stage props. I hate to say it, but that year was pretty much a disaster. I may catch some heat from this if my fellow church members read this but I don’t care. We all were unprepared, myself included. I won’t get into what made things bad but there one particular scene where it completely fell apart.

Anyway, the resulting mess pushed forward the current style. The first year, 2010, they were looking for volunteers and I had absolutely no intention of signing up. After that previous year, I was done. I was still a minor at the time so my mom still had power to…you know, be a mom. She forced me to sign up. But here’s what I did. The director said to write down what you would like to do. I wrote down ” Help where needed”.

A few days later, I get a call asking to be lighting directer. I still have no freakin idea how in the world it was decided for me to do it. I accepted the offer. This was during a very stressful time in my life. Put it like this: There was a point I was so messed up I convinced myself I was about to run myself over with my car. It was that crazy. Thanks to a doctor’s report, I was very underweight. I wasn’t eating. Wasn’t sleeping. It wasn’t pretty at all.

Well, I’m a guy who gives my all to a task; no matter how stupid it may seem. I’m still in school for cryin out loud. Hm? “aloud”? Whatever. I took control of the task and my helpers and I put on the best show I could. But, I didn’t really like how things were run. The reason why I came back for round two in 2011 was because it was our first year doing that and so we had some things to learn from and improve on. Last year hurt my feelings and I figured that this is my last year as director. I’m hoping to train my replacement as I nearly didn’t come back this year. I definitely don’t want to leave them with nobody they could quickly use. But, anybody can do the job so they’ll be fine.

*This year promises to be pretty big. We’ve got our award winning choir (a choir I used to be a part of because I want to find out if I could sing. I can sing. I just don’t enjoy singing the style the choir sings. I prefer classical. J.G. Wentworth type commercials). You possibly seen them on TV competing on the “How Sweet the Sound” by Verizon. Yeah, we go in. Hard. We have the lovely tableaux I mentioned earlier, and an orchestra. Oh yeah, this orchestra is from the Philadelphia Orchestra. So, yeah pretty big. Food is abundant. Oh don’t forget, as I said earlier, it’s free. FREE. Oh well I mean we’ll ask for a free will offering. But again, it’s FREE will. If you want to, then give. If not, that’s cool. But I’ll bet you’ll be in the giving mode as the show goes on.

There are two dates: December 15th (Saturday) and 16th (Sunday but you could’ve figure that from the 15th. I hope). Both times are 7pm.

Never met me before? That’s a good chance to meet me. More importantly, if you’re not familiar with the Christmas story, the real story, not the Santa and family crap, then you need to see this show and/or keep an eye on my blog as I will soon has a post up with the real Christmas story. Visit my church website for more info and directions. Look forward to seeing you and be blessed!