Good Friday: Good News Around the Web 1

It’s the inaugural post of Good Friday. I just share a few stories each week that make the world seem not as bad.

Our first one is about sisters who reunited with each other through Facebook. These types of stories prove that Facebook isn’t the bad thing; it’s how you use it that counts.


In the story, we see that the sisters were 130 miles apart. They had lost each other during WWII and were separated for 72 years. Now, the sisters are 88 and 82 and are looking for a brother who apparently could be in the U.S. (the sisters are in Bosnia). I hope they do find their brother, but considering their ages…ah never mind.

Our next story is about a child who, like many other children, decided not to listen to their parents. Welp, 7 year old Luca decided to take a Jay ZX Lego character to the mall with him even though dad, as many other parents have said, “You’ll lose it; leave it home”. I’m just paraphrasing here but you get the point. Anyway, Luca lost it and pops tells him to ask LEGO if they would send another one.

Not only did LEGO send another one, but they pretty much gave him an “exclusive” package that would not be in stores. Read the note here. See kids? If you lose your stuff, good things happen! I’m kidding (sorta). That was a very nice thing for LEGO to do.

My last one I got for you is the signs of the advancements of the medical field. We have a grandpa who got a hand transplant. Yup, a new hand.

According to the story, his operation was different in that his hand was paralyzed. Other operations had the limb already gone and forgotten. Also, he was the first Brit to have it done, not necessarily the first person. Still, it’s awesome how these things can happen. They say he can only move his fingers and doesn’t have feeling yet. For me, how does the finger print thing work? I mean, couldn’t he like…commit a crime and the prints would go back to the donor…

I’m trippin.

So that’s all for this week. HuffPost is my main source for these articles. As I’ve said when I first mentioned I would be doing this, not many media outlets cover the good going on. Other places I’ve found want money. Hat tip to HP for making this effort.


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