Good Friday: A New Look

Another week of good times and good people. But, in an attempt to better personalize this post, I am adding more than just good news. This post will be a symbol of all positive things…or at least what is positive to me. It is a blog about the things on my mind after all.

So you’ll get your good news links. Also, you’ll get some quotes. Every once in a while I may put in a video of a song or something. Just something to get the spirits up. Bring a wave of positive in a world that seems to focus on the negative.

I’m in experiment stage so the next few Good Friday posts will probably look inconsistent. I know you’ll still love me though.

First, “It good to be a hero”. That’s what a shoe shiner said as it has been discovered that he donated $200,000 over the past 30 years to the Children’s hospital in Pittsburgh. Here are the lovely details:

Albert Lexie says he’s been shining shoes for $5 at the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh since the early 1980s. Dr. Joseph Carcillo says Lexie has donated more than a third of his lifetime salary to the Children’s Hospital Free Care Fund, which helps parents who can’t afford to pay their sick children’s medical costs.

The whole story can be found here. It’s a great thing to see folks donating. You don’t see rich people doing this BUT…I’m not saying that rich people don’t donate. And I feel like the news probably wouldn’t want to cover that anyway because that’s the society we’re livi-let me stop.

Here’s a quote to check out:

The best way to cheer yourself up is to try to cheer somebody else up.  ~Mark Twain

That’s a quote I live by, although it’s not the quote itself. My joy comes from others’ joy. When someone laughs, I laugh. That’s why I always aim to make folks laugh. I always aim to bring a positive attitude because it reflects back to me. So yeah.

Alright so what else would you want to see added to this post? Let me know and let’s get positive or something!



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