Weekly Funnies 10

Another week of laughs for ya! We’ve got an old couple, stand up comedy, and a boy decides to call the cops on his mom. First, we’ll start off with an image. This is a special image as our very own Dallas has been under the weather for the past few days. Help me wish her well!:


Hopefully she won’t kill me! And what about a medical joke…

The owner of a drugstore arrives at work to find a man leaning heavily against a wall.

The owner goes inside and asks his clerk what’s up.

“He wanted something for his cough, but I couldn’t find the cough syrup,” the clerk explains. “So I gave him a laxative and told him to take it all at once.”

“Laxatives won’t cure a cough, you idiot,” the owner shouts angrily.

“Sure it will,” the clerk says, pointing at the man leaning on the wall. “Look at him. He’s afraid to cough.”

That’s terrific. Feel better Dallas! Some odd news as I mentioned, an 8 year old boy dialed 911 to report his mom…because apparently being sent to bed is a crime. But it was 8 o’clock at night. Everybody knows all the best shows come on after this time.

Okay so I promised a stand-up comedian. Louis C.K. There’s quite a bit of f-bombs but I found this video to be funny enough to look past it. Just giving you the heads up. Here we go:

Good show? Good show. Okay well thanks for reading and I hope you had a good time!



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