Daily Good Stuff 55

Have you checked out my intro video to my Breaking Down the Book series? For the next few days I’ll probably shove it down your throat whenever I can so bare with me because I do understand some would not be interested and that’s fine. I do think it would be a great benefit for you though but that’s my opinion.

So let’s get this lifted with the latest news.

A woman was being stalked on Facebook by herself. Okay let me say it like this: She created a profile of her ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend and tried to frame her for it. Eventually crazy lady got caught. Man, the places people will go. The things we’ll do.

A boy battling cancer got to play with his favorite soccer team thanks to Make A Wish Foundation. Boy, I’d like to play with the Philadelphia 76ers any time. Oh well, I’m not dying or anything so too bad for me. Still, must have been cool for the kid.

Here’s some images now, first a fantastic soccer play:



And here’s a risky picture:



Well…aw man I have nothing appropriate to say. I feel like if the word “dog” was replaced by “bitch” then things would take an interesting turn. But, we don’t know if a bitch is driving the car. I have a really bad mind. Alright now look, I got some scripture and quote for you. Check it out:

A psychiatrist asks a lot of expensive questions your wife asks for nothing. Joey Adams

Live a life of love, just as Christ loved us and gave himself up for us as a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God. Ephesians 5:2

And take this joke home to your grandma:

Little Johnny was sitting in class with his fellow peers. The teacher of the class asked for a volunteer to say a full sentence about their parents. When no one raised their hand, the teacher called on Little Johnny to say the full sentence. He replied with  “Hummm… Well… My Dad eats light bulbs.” The teacher looked at Johnny strangely and said “Oh no, Johnny, your dad doesn’t eat light bulbs, that’s absurd” Johnny argued back, “Yeah huh, last night daddy said to mommy, ‘oh honey, turn off that lamp and let me eat that thing'”

UH-OH. Well if you’re still going to show your grandma, then great. If you don’t have one, sorry about that…but how about you see what your local pastor thinks of that. Bahahahaha! I’m so crazy.

Alright the end for today. I, as well as my girlfriend that doesn’t exist, bid you farewell.



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