Daily Good Stuff 69: Changes for the Better

So it’s Tuesday and that means another day of good stuff. I’m thinking about ridding the news as they are slow. But they won’t be gone; it’ll probably go to once a week. That means I’ll probably add at least one more daily feature to make up for the absence of news. And normally I go with a  random order but I think I’m going to go with a set layout: Joke, video, images, quote, scripture, and eventual new feature. And then wrap it up with the news once a week. So, yeah.

Ten Things You Wouldn’t Know Without Movies

  1. It is always possible to park directly outside any building you are visiting.
  2. A detective can only solve a case once he has been suspended from duty.
  3. If you decide to start dancing in the street, everyone you bump into will know all the steps.
  4. Most laptop computers are powerful enough to override the communication systems of any invading alien civilization.
  5. It does not matter if you are heavily outnumbered in a fight involving martial arts – your enemies will wait patiently to attack you one by one by dancing around in a threatening manner until you have knocked out their predecessors.
  6. No one involved in a car chase, hijacking, explosion, volcanic eruption or alien invasion will ever go into shock.
  7. When they are alone, all foreigners prefer to speak English to each other.
  8. You can always find a chainsaw when you need one.
  9. Any lock can be picked by a credit card or a paper clip in seconds, unless it’s the door to a burning building with a child trapped inside.
  10. Television news bulletins usually contain a story that affects you personally at that precise moment you turn the television on.

And it’s time I grow from my standard videos of people falling, bloopers, and pranks. Here’s something:

Alright and here are the images:

This gif is inspired by how clumsy people are in the infomercials.



And this next one is for all the guys out there that never miss when they pee:



Alright here’s some scripture and a quote to wrap things up:

The mind of sinful man is death, but the mind controlled by the Spirit is life and peace. Romans 8:6

A journey is like marriage. The certain way to be wrong is to think you control it. John Steinbeck



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