Hey bro it’s Friday and I’m not drunk yet. I’ve never been drunk though. Probably because I don’t drink. Hey, I had a post earlier asking about your week. Why don’t you check that out and let’s get some dialogue. But let’s get this post started.

An old man is sitting on a park bench crying his eyes out. A young jogger comes by and asks him what is the matter.

The old man says, “I’m a multimillionare, I have a great big house, the fastest car in the world and I just married a beautiful blonde bombshell who satisfies me every night in bed whether I like it or not (sob).”

The young jogger says, “Man, you have everything I have ever dreamed for in my life. What could be so wrong in your life that you are sitting here in the park crying?”

The old man says, “I can’t remember where I live.”

And now for a couple of images:

This one is…



Oh yeah I’m sure wrestling is real, you guys.

And this one blew my mind and it will blow yours too if you like pie:



Who did this!? WHO DID THIS!? Goodness…and now for some quote and scripture:

He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty. Psalm 91:1

Words of love, are works of love. William R. Alger

Cool, enjoy the weekend, y’all!