Finally 500!

Just a little bit after announcing that May was the best month in blog history in terms of views, DALANEL now how a following of 500. Finally. With a current streak of getting at least one new follower per week since I started the Daily Good Stuff posts, I have gotten to the 500 mark. There’s a story to this though.

It’s fairly simple simple.

For you folks that don’t run a blog here at WordPress, they use a term “Publicize” in which it gives the number of people that follow this blog. In this case, Publicize uses the following to “share posts”: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and email subscriptions. They then take the various followings I have on each each site and bring it to one number, and that’s the number that follows my blog.

So, if you signed up for email, follow me on Twitter, like me on Facebook, or are connected to me in LinkedIn (I don’t have any followers on Tumblr yet, then you follow this blog. And so I thank you. Of course, the hole in the story is that perhaps people follow other things besides the blog. For instance, on Twitter most of my following are fellow sports bloggers/writers. Most likely, they would only respond to sports articles I write. But still, my bio there doesn’t even mention the sports writing. It’s all about the blog. In fact, I barely give life tot he fact that I write for a couple of sports blogs. That happened ever since my time as editor came to an end and I dedicated my free time to bring this blog into light.

This is my baby and most likely future followers/likes for me will be because of their interest in my blog. I’m excited about this past week hitting these milestones for this blog. One of my resolutions for the start of the year was to get this blog out in the open. I think, from where I was in January, it’s mission accomplished. And again, it’s all thanks to you.

So keep your eye on the series I have on the blog like the video and play as well as the DGS posts and the new How Was Your Week. In the near future, as I know a couple of you have been asking about it, I will get in touch with Dallas T and see if she’s still gonna write. She only wrote once here and I don’t know about you, but I wanted more than that and a couple of you would agree. I know she’s been busy dealing with the world of high school.

Email is the best way to easily follow the post and never miss a beat. I post early in the morning here in NJ (DGS at 7am and other posts at 6am) so if you follow me on social media and are getting to your updates by the afternoon, just zip on down to earlier posts to catch me. I have gotten into the habit of tagging DALANEL on my posts so if you look for DALANEL, it could lead you to me. Definitely works on Twitter and here at WordPress.

So again, thanks and tell your friends about the good times you have here as well as visiting the site often yourself.



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