So yesterday I had a book signing. But wait: I didn’t sign any books. So you imagine how things went.

People stopped by so that was cool. And I handed out cards that contained the code I told you about for the 15% discount.

But, my focus was not on the books.

As you know, I’m not a big fan of my books. My heart is in this blog. The blog was here before the books, and it remains after the books. I’ve already written a bunch of posts here that would’ve easily made a 3rd book. If I wanted to write books, I would’ve been whippin’ them out at a steady pace.

So what about the book signing?

Well, I directed them to my blog. Yup, I spent more time advertising my blog than anything else. This is what I’m all about. I still go back and forth as to whether the books will stay published. It’s a daily struggle. It’s funny too because people keep asking if I’m writing a third book. As I mentioned earlier, I technically have. And while I tell people to check out my blog, I think most shy away because there’s a stereotype about blogs. A thing for just nerds to scream at society is a famous one. Some people over estimate blog as something technical and you gotta be trained to handle it and stuff. You wouldn’t believe the things I hear.

Anyway, that display I had up showcased the blog and many were impressed. Whether they actually visit the blog is up to them but the biggest thing was the Daily Good Stuff. People really valued and understood what my goal was for it. So that was good.

I think what happened at that book signing was that it was my last book signing, at least for at my church. The books were religious and people only want to focus on that, not willing to accept that this blog is as much of a representation of what was in the books as anything. Some of the chapters in the books were previously published here (save for some minor adjustments to make it more book friendly)!

Oh well.

I spent a lot of time marketing The Sixer Sense while I was editor. I put this blog on the shelf. Not again. This is me. Everything else is just a cute little thing from my past. This blog is literally what I am about.

Yes, I’m doing the video series. Yes, I post chapters from the books. But I already told you why my being an author is no big deal. If people want to write a book the way I did it, then I’m here to help. It’s great seeing others write and I support it. But I’m a blogger, not a writer. Please understand this. I think there is a difference. If I could change my Facebook category to “blogger” instead of “writer” I’d do it in a heart beat.

So that’s what probably happened yesterday. An author died and a new blogger was born.