You Will Be Healed

A quick word for you, children of God: You will be healed. At some point, you receive the healing that God has promised.

Welp, the key is where.

On earth, we pray for healing for various diseases. And God heals. Sometimes we see people laying hands on others and they are healed. Just a few months ago, there was a healing pastor that came to visit and laid hands on many. Folks using the canes and wheel chairs were dancing. Blind could see. Cancer died. I already mentioned how I got my supernatural healing. I’m a believer.

But, sometimes when we pray for healing and the person dies anyway, we wonder why God didn’t heal that person.

And that’s what the post is about.

As a child of God, we are indeed promised healing. Jesus died for all sickness and disease. But she still died. Guess what? Because she accepted Jesus into her life, she’s going to heaven where she will be completely healed. When Jesus comes back, everybody will receive a new body. A body that will have no pain. No sickness.

The message here is that you will be healed, no matter what happens. In the end, you will be healed. It hurts now. It can be hard to understand now. But this is the truth: We will be healed.

That’s all I got for you but it’s enough. Children of God will be healed.



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