Daily Good Stuff 104: Boy Scouts

Today’s themed post is on Boy Scouts. I was a Boy scout myself. Served as Patrol leader for three, 6 month terms in a row as well as quartermaster AND Librarian at the same time. So I was a busy bee. Plus, I was the unofficial troop clown. I enjoyed my time there and it was probably the highlight of my teen years. I was in scouting since Tiger Cub so it’s been a long time. Pack 86 and then troop 86, baby! So, let’s get started!

Top Ten Signs You’re in a Bad Boy Scout Troop

10.You get merit badge for picking the trifecta at Aqueduct

9.You help old ladies across I-95

8.First rule in handbook: “Blame the kid who can’t speak English”

7.You’re part of a very special troop called the Gambino family

6.To become an Eagle Scout, you have to catch and eat a Bald Eagle

5.Since he can’t get time off, troop leader holds meetings in his Century 21 office

4.You get busted for selling knot-tying secrets to Russian Boy Scouts

3.Scout master hands out his favorite campfire treat — Marlboro Lights

2.Troop motto: “Be prepared…to lie on the witness stand”

1.Every year you have to put on a skirt and go door-to-door selling cookies

And now a video:

Good job, boys…I think…

And now the image:


Sorry for the f-bomb (if you followed this blog for a while you know I don’t use those words) but this was really good. Try this one:


And this one is for my former scout leaders:



“Be prepared” Boy Scouts motto.

Okay well that’s it. You been in the scouts whether boy, girl, or cub? How was it?


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