Daily Good Stuff’s New Look

Well I said changes were coming. And they are. Later today, Daily Good Stuff will be looking a little…no, a lot different. First, let’s look at the features. I’ll show you what I’m adding and what I’m dropping. Well, I didn’t really add anything but I changed a couple of the current features. I originally set up a poll to ask you what you liked and I have also made my own opinions of what works and doesn’t.

Features dropped:

GIFs (I’ll explain because it’s no longer its own feature but it’s still part of the site.

satire news

Features changed:



Features that remain:


good news

weird/funny news



So now we know what to expect. In order, I will list the feature as they will appear in the posts and provide a description of what to expect:

Quote: Some kind of quote. It could be funny, inspirational, holiday themed or anything really.

Scripture: Along the lines of the quote, I will select a verse(s) from the Bible.

Image: At this point, I’ll introduce the changes to this feature. Each day of the week will have a certain image. One day, it will be a comic. The next would be meme. Some other day is auto correct fails. In fact, here’s the list:

  • Sunday: Demotivational
  • Monday: Comic strip
  • Tuesday: Meme
  • Wednesday: GIF
  • Thursday: Funny text messages
  • Friday: Funny signs
  • Saturday: (currently empty)

Yeah I don’t have a type for Saturday so I guess it’ll be a free for all type thing. And of course it may change in the future.

Video: Just like the images, there will be a type of video per day. One day is fails. Another is bloopers. You get the idea. Here’s a list:

  • Sunday: Short sermon
  • Monday: Stand-Up comedian
  • Tuesday: Bloopers (news, TV shows, etc)
  • Wednesday: Fails/Wins
  • Thursday: Funny pranks
  • Friday: Funny spoofs/parodies
  • Saturday: Huh, once again nothing.

I just whipped up a couple of themes but I may change in the near future. This is just something to work with for now.

Joke: Yes, some kind of joke. You laugh, I laugh, and then we move on.

Good News: What’s the latest good story?

Weird/Funny News: And what’s the latest news that is just plain old odd?

So really, the major overhaul is in the images and videos. News satire was cool but I don’t know if it really fits here. So, do you have an idea of what feature I could add? Any ideas of how to make Daily Good Stuff better are always welcomed and in case you don’t know, I have extended the invitation to join my site to help write out the Daily Good Stuff. It can get tiring at times.

And so, more tweaks have been made. I think I might stick with this for a while. Again, give me feedback on the stuff you see. What do you want to see more of? Less of? What’s a new feature? What feature needs to go away? Let me know!

And thanks for stopping by!



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