1819 Elias Howe (Invented the sewing machine)

1947 O.J. Simpson (Football player)

1956 Tom Hanks (Actor)

1964 Courtney Love (Singer)

1975 Jack White (Singer)

1976 Fred Savage (Actor)

1991 Mitchel Musso (Actor)

1995 Georgie Henley (Actress played Lucy in the Chronicles of Narnia)


1816 Argentina declares independence from Spain

1850 President Zachary Taylor dies making Millard Fillmore the 13th President of the US.

1922 Johnny Weissmuller is the first to swim the 100 meters freestyle in under 1 minute.

1944 Battle of Normandy in WWII.


Sugar Cookie Day: Eat or bake or even buy a sugar cookie. Yum.