Daily Good Stuff 139: Sports

Friday! It’s time for a sports themed post. My favorite is basketball. You already knew that. In the case of themed posts, the normal layout goes out the window and we get kinda random. So let’s play ball!

images (4)


10 things in golf that sound dirty

1. Look at the size of his putter.

2. Oh, dang, my shaft’s all bent.

3. You really wacked the heck out of that sucker.

4. After 18 holes I can barely walk.

5. My hands are so sweaty I can’t get a good grip.

6. Lift your head and spread your legs.

7. You have a nice stroke, but your follow through leaves a lot to be desired.

8. Just turn your back and drop it.

9. Hold up. I’ve got to wash my balls.

10. Darn, I missed the hole again.

How about a video? You already know what it’s about:




Screw the game! I want to DANCE! Dance, I say!

And now for a great video:

And a quote:

Sports do not build character. They reveal it. Heywood Broun

And that’s it, folks!



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