Welp, every once in a while I gotta encourage you to follow me and this blog at many social media platforms. I’ve joined a couple of other places since the last time I talked about this so I figured I’d catch you up. I’ll list each place by where I’m most active. In parenthesis, I’ll put my username or name that I use for that site.

  • Twitter (DanteWrites)
  • Facebook (Dante Writes)
  • LinkedIn (Dante Nelson)
  • Tumblr (DALANEL)
  • Goodreads (Dante Nelson)
  • Google+ (Dante Nelson)
  • Path (Dante Nelson)


So there is a madness to me being at all of these places. I’m there either because of WordPress publicize, or because of WordPress offers to connect directly to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and very recently, a social media site for mobile users. So when I post here, it automatically puts a link up at the other spots. Saves me time. You won’t see me be active at Path yet. While I did sign up and create a profile, I don’t have the app as it’s not available yet for my phone. Last I heard, it will be soon though so once that app launches, look out! Meanwhile, a few months back, bought Goodreads. I’ve been there on Goodreads since last year but finally updated my profile. And since my books were published by CreateSpace, which is also under Amazon, I figured I’d take advantage of the situation. I even got it upgraded to an author profile so that’s cool. As for Google+, that’s the only exception as I joined there for the fun of it all but I really don’t log on that much.

So as you can see on the left, you can easily follow me on Twitter and like me on Facebook. As I mentioned before, I converted my personal profile to a page so you can’t friend me. I hope you follow me at at least those two sites because those are places I talk more about me than other places (they just are a feed for my blog really). Twitter is really active during the NBA season. I said this before too but make sure you mention that you’re following me from this blog and I’ll follow you back if possible.





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