As you may have noticed, I’ve made a few changes to DALANEL appearance-wise. This is a post talking about that as well as talking about the various pages on the site. If you’re new here or been following this blog for quite some time, you’ll need this post.

I’m Dante, and I’ll be your tour guide. Please hold all questions until the end of the post. Please stay with the group at all times and absolutely please touch any pages that interest you.

Let’s start with my widgets.


To the top left, you’ll see a chance to follow this blog. Right now, we’re over 500 followers which I think is pretty good but with billions of people with access to this site, there’s a lot of room for growth. Under that follow widgets is a chance to search the site. Perhaps you read a post but can’t find it on the main page. Or you’re just browsing the site and what to see what I’ve written about in terms of the search terms.

Under that is a chance to follow me. Twitter and Facebook are great tools to use to keep up with me as I use them the most. Just so easy as pressing a button. Go ahead, follow me. Like me. Maybe even love me?

Next, my top pages and posts. I’m showcasing these posts as a way for you to get started. Yeah, you’re new around here and are wondering what to read, welp, these posts are liked the most by readers. Not my opinion either, WordPress determines this. Under that you’ll see a drop down list of categories. Most of them are named after my site features so for example if you just want to see Weekly Funnies posts, then select Weekly Funnies. Duh.

And now a widget that may not be around for much longer, there’s the Goodreads widget that gives you the opportunity to follow my reading habits. Yeah…

This theme gives me more room for widgets. So, at the bottom of the site, there are a few more widgets to look forward to. Starting bottom left, we have your standard WordPress stuff that comes with most, if not, all generic site layouts. To the right, there’s a “tag cloud” where you can see what I’m writing about and then you can go ahead and find a tag you want to read about. To the left of that is all my social media links in one menu. So besides Twitter and Facebook, there’s other places you can find me.

Okay, this part of the tour is over. There are some refreshments over at the table and feel free to pee or poo. We’ll be back in 10 minutes.

10 minutes later…

Okay everyone. Time to resume the tour! Same rules as earlier apply here. We’re going to look at the pages. You may see the pages up there at the top of the site but a few of them have sub pages. Just want to make sure you’re aware of them. Starting from the left, we have “What Is DALANEL?”. I’m sorry, that’s a lie, it’s “Home” but who cares about that? Anyway, What if DALANEL talks about the history of the blog and why it was started and its goals and stuff. Then, there are two sub pages. One is Featured Posts which shows that types of post you can expect to see of a weekly/daily basis. Under that is a “Code of Conduct” which talks about the rules of the site.

Okay, next is “Who’s Dante”. Here, you can learn a little about me and my other interests besides blogging. There are 3 sub pages for this one. First one is “Writing Career” which talks about everything I’ve done in the writing world. Next is “Contact Dante”. On that page, there’s a just a little form you can fill out for a certain type of question or inquiry. This page may soon be deleted because of the next page I’m going to talk about.

And that page is “Ask Dante!” Once again, you can ask me anything. I might rename this page “Ask/Contact Dante” or something similar to it. Anyway, it’s a little more detailed than the contact page. I invite you to ask me a question and my answer to that question would be a blog post. A cousin of “Fan Mail” type posts.

Next we have a “Accept Jesus” page. Here, I invite you to learn a little about Jesus and my opinion of why you should accept Him into your life. And then we have “Join DALANEL” which I want to add a couple of bloggers to help me carry out Daily Good Stuff and a couple of other posts as well as your own opinion pieces.

Finally, there’s “DALANEL Polls” which is my way of hearing from you, the lovely readers of this blog. Just about all polls will be asking how to improve the site as well as what you like about the site already. Polls will come and go so always check back every once in a while so your voice can be heard!

And so that concludes the tour. Thank you for stopping by and there are no expensive gift shops so you can just go home or stick around and play with the site a little bit. At this time, I’ll take any questions you may have.



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