Daily Good Stuff 162

Like I mentioned last week, Daily Good Stuff has moved to just Monday-Friday instead of the usual 7 days a week. Weekly News and Weekly Funnies round out the weekend so you’re still getting good stuff everyday. There is one issue I need to address. I told you how each day of DGS would have a certain video and image associated with it. On Sunday there would be a Demotivational photo and a short sermon. Tuesday was Meme and TV bloopers. I never did have anything slotted for Saturday so I have six days of material with only five days to work with. So I’m going to have to drop a video type and photo type: Funny signs and funny spoofs/parodies. Now, this doesn’t mean they are gone forever as they can still show up on Weekly Funnies. It just so happens that those two features were both on Friday so it’ll be easier to shift things around. Here’s the list you can expect to see now:


  • Monday: Demotivational
  • Tuesday: Comic strip
  • Wednesday: Meme
  • Thursday: GIF
  • Friday: Funny texts


  • Monday: Short sermon
  • Tuesday: Stand-Up Comedian
  • Wednesday: TV bloopers
  • Thursday: Fails/Wins
  • Friday: Funny Pranks

And of course you have the scripture, quote, joke, good and weird/funny news. Did ya get all of that?

Let’s get started.

Your statutes are my heritage forever; they are the joy of my heart. Psalm 119:111

Just to be clear, “Your” is referring to “God”.

Honor lies in honest toil. Grover Cleveland



Yup. She’ll end up frenching bit-er we better move on with that video:

Great stuff there. Okay now for a joke:

A plastic surgeon invented a radical new face lift procedure and was explaining it to a prospective patient. He told her, “I’ll install a special screw in the top of your skull. Your hair will cover it so it will be unnoticed. Whenever you need a little tuck, we’ll just tighten the screw a little,… and the wrinkles will disappear!” The woman was enthused and told the doctor to, “GO FOR IT!” The surgery was a resounding success, and the woman went home happy.

A few months later, the woman returned in a great state of agitation. She pointed to her face and said, “Just look at these bags under my eyes! Where the heck did they come from?” The surgeon looked at her closely and said, “Those aren’t BAGS under your eyes. Those are your breasts. And if you keep messing around with that screw,… pretty soon you’ll have a goatee!”

Oh…that is just SICK! If you didn’t get that one, then good for you. If you got it, high five! Let’s see what’s going on with the latest news, shall we?

Welp, don’t ya just hate when you have a funeral for a complete stranger? Well, that’s what happened in Philly as a service was held for a woman…a woman that was apparently still alive. Now, the casket had a body in it which was identified by relatives as the correct woman. Oops. The woman showed up two weeks after the funeral. Mmkay. Seems it was an honest mix-up; no faking death. But, in the end, there’s no details about how this all could’ve happened. What happened to the woman for people to believe she died? They thought she died…what did they say the cause of death was? Is she mentally stable (she showed up at a mental institution)? This is one of those stories I’ll be keeping an eye on so hopefully I’ll have an update for you soon.

Oh man…here’s a great story. Lego calls this kid a hero for his charity work. And, it’s Lego so you know legos are involved. They built a life size statue of the 10 year old. Stay classy, Lego.



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