So late last year I gave a list of a few things that really annoyed me. Welp, here’s another list I think you can see yourself annoyed by. Maybe the fact I’m making these lists annoys you. Aha.


You’ve been through it. Somebody walks in smelling so strong. It’s like they bathed in it. I tend to get a little nauseous. And if it’s strong enough, and I hate to say this but, if it gets strong enough, I hate the person. Literally, I picture about 2-3 terrible deaths for that person. And, with a strong horror movie watching history, I have an imagination. But the feeling of hatred lasts for only a couple of minutes. That’s if they walk away. If we’re trapped in the same room, the hatred and sickness grows.

My laptop

This darn thing. I’ve talked to you about it. The screen randomly goes black. Sometimes, it lasts for days despite restarting the computer. And by that, I hold the power button down until it shuts off. Turn it back on and then still black screen. It’s common for my laptop too. I started to type it in and all I had to do was type “acer sc” and the top choice Google recommended was “acer screen randomly goes black”. Other times, it can’t hold an internet connection (compared to the other laptops in the house that seems to have no problem). As much as I keep things clean, the thing can run slow at times. As I’ve said before, when I first got it, it was at the bottom of the barrel of laptops. It was a gift. I know I’ll be buying a laptop next time around.

Action movie audio

Okay this can go for horror movies too. But, in these action movies, why is it that when people are talking, you gotta turn the volume up, but then when the explosions and gunfire and all that good stuff come on, it’s too loud? It’s like you gotta find the perfect balance. Not too loud but you gotta hear the words. I tried just holding the remote in my hand and constantly pushing the volume arrows up and down during a 2 hour movie. I quit after 30 minutes.

Bad breath

God help us all. Especially morning breath. Most of us suffer from it. But, when it’s 3 in the afternoon and you still have morning breath…c’mon. And of course if you had that meal with plenty of garlic…well…and then the breath is so hot and sticky and humid like. Just, ew. I wish we didn’t have this problem, man. Why can’t we just smell like mints?

Reactions to dropping stuff

Most of us do it: When we drop something, we end up pulling away instead of trying to save it. Why? Why flinch away? As if we dropped a grenade and it’s gonna explode and the only way to avoid the blast is if we move a few centimeters away from the landing point. Ugh.

An un-scratchable itch

I don’t know about you but it pisses me off when I have an itch on my back and can’t quite reach it. I’ve broken my ankle before. Not being able to reach in there to scratch the itch sucks. Not to mention the risk of putting something down there that could break skin and cause bleeding which leads to infection.


Dear God. I hate them little bastards. You can’t tell they’ve bitten you until it’s over and they’re done sucking you dry. Then, the itch is so strong. You can’t scratch it though; you’ll end up spreading the rash and poison and stuff. They’re so small and you can’t hear them like a house fly or something. Good luck fighting them off at night. Many camping trips have sucked, I’ll tell ya.