I always like to give you a behind the scenes access to DALANEL. Normally, I talk about views and followers. But, and you know this if you run a WordPress blog, there’s more to talk about.

On Tuesday, DALANEL had its best day of views. It was incredible because this is coming off of two bad weeks in a row for the blog and two days after I mentioned the setback. What was interesting about it was that most of my referrers were from Pinterest. If I’m not mistaken, this was the first time I ever got anything from Pinterest. And so I took a look at my referrers from all time and I was right.

The top post from that day was Daily Good Stuff 77. I looked at the post. It wasn’t a special themed post. It was just a standard post. And yet it took over 60% of the views. What made it special? I don’t know.

But then, on Wednesday, I had an even BETTER day. What was interesting about it was that it performed similar to Tuesday. Two great days in a row after two weeks of crap.

Now that we’ve talked about the best day ever, let’s look at the site’s entire history.

First, for most viewed posts. This is not to be mistaken for the top posts you see to the left of the site. Those are the most liked posts. This is more of views. The top five most viewed posts for DALANEL by 8/28/13 (and all stats are up to this day) is:

Weekly Funnies 6

Daily Good Stuff 83: Birthday Party!

Daily Good Stuff 50: GIFs Added

Daily Good Stuff 49: Comics

You Ruined Your Life; Not Facebook

It’s an interesting list. But yes, these posts have gotten me the most views on the site. A Mass majority of views are from “Home page/ Archives”.

Next, referrers. Search engines take up quote the bulk. But, social media gives me a good amount of traffic too. My top three referrers, excluding search engines, is




What’s interesting about Tumblr is that I didn’t start getting followers or references until this month. And it still has taken a top spot for all time. At its pace, Facebook will drop under Tumblr very soon. Also, I mentioned Pinterest exploding. Welp, Pinterest could make a serious run in just a couple of weeks. I’m not even on Pinterest! I am familiar with the site as I did create The Sixer Sense’s Pinterest account. The Pin button is available for sharing posts you like too so I can still make it on there without me being there. Pinterest referrers appear to love Daily Good Stuff 77. Again, don’t know why.

While Facebook has really slowed down, it’s my largest gathering of social medians. Twitter is second and direct subscriptions to the blog is 3rd. Tumblr is actually the smallest and yet I’m getting a ton of traffic from them, all in one month!

Monthly views has gone up since December 2012 but August will certainly end that run. Darn it! But, it will still make it as the second best month on the blog so it’s not too bad of a setback. And again, the best day for the blog came in this month so it’s not all bad. Those two weeks…if they were even just average, I think August could’ve taken out July. Oh well.

So, let’s see the best of each month of the year. My top three months of all time are July, August, and a tie between June and May. They (May and June) have the same amount of views. So summer has been kind to me. Perhaps this year’s video series and play really helped things along.

And what about countries? Well, the good old USA is the source for a great number of views, probably over half. Next four countries are Canada, United Kingdom, Rwanda, and Australia. So I’m all over the place.

I’m going to try to do this more often. In fact, I think my goal is to do this to review each month. August isn’t quite over yet but I’m going to just go ahead and let this month go since I really don’t think anything is gonna change in a couple of days.

Thanks for reading and follow this blog whether by email or social media.



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