So, it’s official. I’ll be blogging for FanSided dot com. Yes, I blog for a couple of their sites already in The Sixer Sense and Sir Charles In Charge. But now, I’ll be writing on the front page, baby! And I stand to make a bit of cash. Now, the question is, can I run DALANEL and do all of that blogging at the same time?


I wouldn’t have taken the job (or really go for the job) if I thought it would get in the way of what I’m doing here at DALANEL. DALANEL comes first. Always has and always will.

And it’s not really called FanSided News Desk. It’s just a title really. Like I said, my posts will be on I’ll still be writing for the other sites as well. This is a chance for me to grow as a writer…or at least a sports blogger. They haven’t told me exactly what to write about, but I want to expand off of basketball. So I gotta brush up on my hockey and baseball. I actually know quite a bit of football but I just don’t care to watch it.

I’m excited about this opportunity. My shifts are on the weekend (Friday-Sunday). Fansided is becoming a leader in sports coverage but they also have blogs covering the entertainment, gaming, and lifestyle industries. So they’re expanding their reach. They’re working on a new look for the network that will surely knock your socks off. Stay tuned!

Thanks for the support!