Weekly News 3

Time to look at the latest news from the week.

Welp, don’t ya just hate when you have a funeral for a complete stranger? Well, that’s what happened in Philly as a service was held for a woman…a woman that was apparently still alive. Now, the casket had a body in it which was identified by relatives as the correct woman. Oops. The woman showed up two weeks after the funeral. Mmkay. Seems it was an honest mix-up; no faking death. But, in the end, there’s no details about how this all could’ve happened. What happened to the woman for people to believe she died? They thought she died…what did they say the cause of death was? Is she mentally stable (she showed up at a mental institution)? This is one of those stories I’ll be keeping an eye on so hopefully I’ll have an update for you soon.

Oh man…here’s a great story. Lego calls this kid a hero for his charity work. And, it’s Lego so you know legos are involved. They built a life size statue of the 10 year old. Stay classy, Lego.

Sleep texting is becoming a big deal. Man, the human body call be crazy sometimes.

So we got a guy offering a homeless man…who apparently is pretty darn smart…to code.  It looks like this could grow into a diamond in the rough.

There’s a chemist out there saying we, the people of Earth, were not originally from Earth. No, we’re Martians and Mars was our original home. Not sure what to think, here.

We got a few N.J. (woo-hoo!) athletes pay for snacks and such…even with nobody to take the money. Yeah, the store was actually closed but some sort of malfunction caused the store to appear open and the players were able to go in and do their shopping. Of course, with it being closed, nobody was at the register. They waited for a while for a clerk before calling it a day and leaving the amount of money to satisfy their would be normal (since nobody was there, things never really…registered) purchase on the counter. Deep. But then, a security camera captured all of this and the guys were each given a $50 gift card. Sweet. It pays to be honest!

A woman had her bike stolen from her. So, she did what anybody else would do: Took it back. What? Not everybody does that? Well, this woman did take her bike back. It was stolen…her $1,000 bike was stolen…and she saw an ad on Craigslist for $350. Ouch. She decided to meet with the seller. She asked for a test drive of the bike…got on the bike…and peddled until she was far away. Good for her! Police advise not to follow her example though. Still: GIRL POWER!

And that’s it for the week. See? It’s not all bad!



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