I finally did it. I took my books off the market. Instead, I did what I said I would do: Merged the two books into one beautiful piece of art.

It was more than a merge. It was an improvement. Only the second book had skits. In this new book, chapters from my first book now have skits. And so, the cast also grew. Also, a lot of my introduction rambling is gone. So, you get to the main content faster. Understand that this is not a 3rd book. It’s an improvement of two books combined into one thing. Take a look at the cover:


Ain’t she purrrty!?

Sales have been so bad that I’m not even concerned about people having to re purchase anything. So it’s a win-win.

Recently, Amazon.com announced the Kindle MatchBook. If you haven’t heard, this is pretty cool. If you order a print version of a book, you can get the Kindle version for at least 50% off. Not up to 50%…no you have to get at least 50% off. There’s an option for the author to set the price to free. Of course, that’s if the author decides to add his book to the program.

That’s my goal.

If you order my print copy, you can match and get the Kindle for free. FREE. Don’t forget, you can get 15% off of the print version so that’s even more discount. I want you to read the book. And I’m trying to make it as easy as possible. Those loyal to my blog here of these discounts. It’s my thank you.

So, back to the book. Now, it’s a combination of Spiritual Interpretations and Spiritual Illustrations. You can see in the new title, Interpretations & Illustrations, that it really is combined. I changed the font of the book so that people with poor eyesight can read it. So it’s gonna look very different from previous versions of my old books.

All of this change started by me finding a terrible grammatical error. I used “You’re” when I was supposed to use “Your”. I had a mini emotional breakdown and it eventually spurred the changes you see today. Don’t get me wrong, this book has actually been published since December 2012. And, in my second book, I hinted at how the books would eventually meet its end on the market. So, this has been planned for a while, though I was originally waiting for 2014.

The material is the same. I didn’t change my thoughts. Yes, the only major tweaks was my intro and conclusion of the book and the font size. I added a few new skits to skit-less chapters. And that’s it.

So, head over to Amazon.com and get the book. Then, order your free copy from Kindle. And lastly, let me know how it turned out. Tell me what you like, love, hate, and more about the book. I mean, there won’t be anymore changes coming to the book and as I said, my book writing…or publishing days are over. I just would love some feedback. One note: The book will only be available through Amazon and their branches Kindle and CreateSpace. My other books could be found just about anywhere that sold books. But, I’m basically reducing my market. Plus, it costs money to expand to those areas. So, I’ll chill this time.

Thanks for the support. I’ll even tell you where the money is going. It’s going right into this blog. For starters, we gotta change the domain name to dalanel.com. It’ll stop the ads from popping up on the site. It’ll go into making a fancier theme for the site; perhaps custom made. Although, I do like this theme. We’ll see. But yeah, the money I get from the books would go right into DALANEL.

So, again, thanks for the support! Links to various places to get my books are right below:

Amazon author page

Code to get 15% off book

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