Weekly News 4

Things have been crazy in Egypt. It’s to the point where Egyptian officials have detained a bird…because it’s no ordinary bird. It’s a spy! You need to read the article to understand what happens next.

In good news, one of the sources I use to find good news, Good News Network, is celebrating its 16th birthday. I just want to give a big thanks for all that they do. They helped inspire me to do this blog (although I had been doing this before I stumbled upon the site). Make sure you support GNN!

This guy has 6,000 barbie dolls. A man. With a pink room. Of Barbie dolls. What more do you need to know? I don’t know…I guess it’s better than collecting Ken dolls…? I don’t know.

I love stories like this. Okay, so a police officer ended up in some trouble while trying to make an arrest. So this homeless guy steps in to help. The police for now is his personal guard. I mean, like, they keep an eye on him that he always has shelter. Cool. Be kinda awkward if they ever have to arrest him…

Welp, somebody invented a contraption called “Pee Straight” which, you guessed it, helps you pee straight. So…hit the link to see what the darn thing looks like.

Some stranger paid for a family’s dinner. This family had a special needs child. So, the person who paid for the dinner, also left them a note. Hit the link to see the beautiful note.

This weird news is brought to you by the letter “Y”. As in, “why” did a new building in London end up melting cars and frying eggs? Yeah, the way this skyscraper is positioned, when the sun’s rays hit the building, it reflects it to the ground. It set fire to furnishings, caused damage to cars, and a man decided to fry his lunch right there in the street. It’s a fascinating scientific story. Yeesh.

This is great news here. An 11 year old has convinced California to observe a day of silence for victims of bullying. In one sentence, here’s the gist of it:

He’s calling on schools and people everywhere to mark twelve seconds of silence at 12 o’clock on 12-12.

Illinois has shown interest in this as well. It may not be the best thing, but I think we all should observe this. It’s just a matter of synchronizing our watches, I guess.

Now…have you ever felt like someone was watching you? Perhaps, someone was stalking you? Well, a tourist in Australia had a stalker: Crocodile. Mercy. This stalking took place for two weeks. TWO WEEKS. He was being stalked while he was canoeing. He ended up on a stranded island. Again, for two weeks. Goodness.

And for good news, grandparents, who have invented toys for big companies such as Mattel and Playskool, created an iPad app that really connects families of distance as their offspring are all over the country. Read the article to see the many things it does. I hope the app becomes available for other tablets. Seems really cool. Who says old people can’t deal with technology?


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