I’ve been thinking about this for months. And I think I want to do it. This new series will take a look at the NBA players in the league, past and present, that are named “Dante”. It’ll look at Dante’s playing basketball in general. Now, I am aware that, in the history of the NBA, there has been only one Dante and his last name is Cunningham. While I’ll talk about high school and up, NBA is my priority.

And spelling counts. I say that because there are guys like “Donte” and “Dahntay” in the league today. No, I’m sticking with the same spelling I have. And while there’s only one Dante in the league, soon, there could be two. Dante Exum is a possible player to appear in the 2014 NBA Draft. And, as you know, I cover the NBA at FanSided.

At first I was going to re-launch my National Sixers blog as Dante in the NBA but decided against it. If FanSided ever throws me away, I’ll have that blog to lean back on as I still like to write about the Sixers. Of course, the Dante series will stay here. Maybe one day it will move on; perhaps becoming its own blog.

So, what will I do in the series? Basically, it’s like a fan site. So, I’d talk about the latest news and stats from the player. I’ll follow his career. In this sense, I’ll probably get more viewers from NBA heads and since most of my social circle on Twitter are NBA fans, they’ll be a little more interested in what I’d have to say.

I can’t say that on a certain day of the week, there will be a post. It all comes down to the scheduling of games as well as when news breaks about the player. I might do a weekly summary of how Dante is doing. And, it’s still the NBA off-season so don’t look for posts until at least pre-season next month. Cunningham…isn’t the best player and that’s another reason why I’ve held off doing this series as there wouldn’t be a lot to talk about. He doesn’t get a lot of time on the court. But hey, we Dante’s gotta stick together at some level, right?

This is gonna be fun!