This was quite a summer of emotions and experiences. Things that I debated on, I finally took a stand on and chose a side. My birthday was in July so I’m always feeling a little more…sentimental than usual. Anyway, there are a few things that really stood out as a potential life changer.

For one thing, as you saw in earlier posts, I learned that it’s okay to stand up for yourself. Whether it’s ushering or relationships, I’ve taken a stand this summer to be treated with a little more respect. I don’t think that’s wrong to want that.

I’m West African. I don’t know what part, but I am originated from there. I’ve been looking at the culture and stuff. Getting on my roots, son. It just so happens my god-siblings are from West Africa. Seirra Leone, I believe. So, for all we know, we could be more related than I thought. Wouldn’t that be something?

I now believe that, while I am sure a woman would love what I have to offer, I think women prefer something different and therefore I am convinced that I will be single and die a happy virgin. Again, I am confident in what I’m “selling” but there’s just no market for it, I guess. Moving on. And no, I’m not gay.

I am almost positive that I will die at what some will say “an early age”.

I’m in school for accounting. Somehow, I will end up not having a career in this field. I mean, I’m too deep to turn back now but I realize accounting is something I don’t care for. I’ll be one of those guys that doesn’t like what he does. What a shame.

I am a good blogger. I’m not very good. I’m not great. I am good. I am confident in this blog. I believe that what I’m doing is a very good thing and I refuse to let computer obstacles and stuff like that to keep me away. I’m not afraid to share my work like I used to. I’m a good blogger and I have a great message.

I still have social problems. I’m not really shy anymore, but, I still don’t like talking to people. Small talk kills me. I need to engage more people more often. As it stands, I prefer sitting in a corner for the rest of my life blogging and watch some TV. Yeah, not good. Very anti-social. It’s amazing how, on a contradicting scale, I have a desire to make people laugh and bring a smile to people’s face. How in the world can I do that without talking to anybody? I do have a reputation of being funny though, so I am at least getting that done.

Poptarts are my favorite snack. They’re so simple and yet so wonderful. With a nice variety of flavors, I can have something different everyday.