Weekly News 5

We made it to the end of the week. Here’s some news from this week that I think you’d find interesting:

A man is being awarded by the mayor of a town. Why? Welp, all he did was help a poor defenseless 82-year old woman who had her purse stolen. Yup, that’s it.

I’ve debated about this being the weird news but I’m going for it. Apparently, the smaller a man’s balls, the more nurturing he will be as a father. I could go further but I won’t.

Jim Carrey was quoted earlier this year as hating his role in the movie “Kick-Ass 2″ and told the world to stay away from the movie. So now, he wrote a children’s book. Yup, and I actually think it’s a cool story. And I mean the summary and idea behind it. Not sure how well it’s written though. It’ll be available in a couple of weeks but learn about it here. It was self published. I know all about that.

There’s a man that got in trouble for DUI. Wait…not DUI…but I guess it’s RUI: Riding Under the Influence. Yes, a man got in trouble for riding a horse while drunk. No more horsing around for this guy (Sorry; I had to do it).

Here’s some good news. A man saves a woman and her young daughter trapped during a flash flood. The only thing I find odd about it is that he got it on film…
Here’s a lesson on why we should always wear a belt. This guy robs a church but then gets caught because as he was running away, his baggy pants fell down.
Good stuff

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