So, we made it to another DGS. Have you heard about my new blog feature: Dante and Basketball? If it becomes successful enough, it could end up being “Dante and Sports”. But, let’s start small, ya know? Anyway, on to the post.


A young woman was having a physical examination and  was embarrassed because of a weight problem. As she  removed her last bit of clothing, she blushed. “I’m so ashamed, Doctor,” she said, “I guess I let myself go.”

The physician was checking hers eyes and ears. “Don’t  feel ashamed, Miss. You don’t look that bad.”

“Do you really think so, Doctor?” she asked.

The doctor held a tongue depressor in front of her face  and said, “Of course. Now just open your mouth and  say moo.”

This isn’t weird news…even if it does sound weird. No, we’ll say this is good news. For two years now, this guy, on his birthday, stands out in the street giving out money. Yup. Giving it away. This year was $750.

Here’s some creepy news. If you hate clowns, turn back now. Apparently, there’s a clown stalking a town. Yes, a town. Where? Northampton, England is where. Trust me, I’m not clowning around.

And you thought I wouldn’t slip in a corny joke!