New DALANEL Feature: Dante’s Opinion

Wow…yet another feature to DALANEL. However, this is not new. If anything, it’s me going back to the beginning. Before DALANEL, this blog was named “Dante’s Opinion”. Last month, I showed you posts that I wrote during that era. Dante’s Opinion was just that: My opinion on stuff.

It’s back on a more stable form.

What I’m going to do is search the internet on sites like Yahoo! Answers. I will look at questions that people post and I will answer them here. It’s that simple. I’ll talk about whatever interests me. Sports, relationships, even the odd stuff is up for grabs.

So, here’s a basic layout of the post.

What I’ll do is label each post as “Dante’s Opinion: [insert question here]. That will be the main question I answer but there will be more depending on how long it takes to answer the question. Expect me to answer 2-3 questions per post. So, how often will we see Dante’s Opinion? Let’s keep it to once a week. I don’t know what day of the week yet, although perhaps a Tuesday slot would be good. So, let’s look at the features I have going on:

  • Daily Good Stuff
  • Weekly Funnies
  • Weekly News
  • DALANEL Review
  • Dante and Basketball
  • Dante’s Opinion

I like this line-up. Again, this is me going back to my roots as this blog was originally built and named after this feature. And as always, go to my Ask Dante page if you want a question answered. It will be part of a future Dante’s Opinion post. And, if you’ve been here since Dante’s Opinion, you know that I end each post with “And that’s just my opinion!” or some similar version of that. Just like I end my posts with “DALANEL” as my signature.

This feature is probably my last shot at trying to get better traffic. As it stands, September is going to be worse that August. Much worse. I didn’t anticipate this setback…well I did but not this bad. My following has grown tremendously though so that’s good. But, we’ll talk about that at the end of the month when I make my monthly review of the blog’s performance.

In the meantime, enjoy the blog and its ever growing variety of positive entertainment!



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