Dante’s Opinion: Are There People Who Aren’t Afraid of Anything?

Before we get to the question, I would like to welcome you to the first post of Dante’s Opinion. Just a quick review of what it is in case you don’t know: Dante’s Opinion is where I search the internet for questions that people ask on sites like Yahoo! Answers and answer them here. Today, we’ll kick off the feature with a couple of questions.

The first one is asked my Matt:

I know that there are people who aren’t afraid of the dark, horror movies, and death, but are there those who aren’t afraid of anything? Like some kind of chemical thing in their brain that makes it so that fear just doesn’t register? I understand that fear is a survival instinct that’s part of your fight-or-flight instinct, but are there people who just don’t get scared or don’t panic at all?

I want to say no. I don’t think such a person exists in a normal state. Perhaps if the person were a sociopath. But, even then I don’t think so. For that person, certain emotions may not register. But, I think fear is just a part of life. At least, this life here on Earth. I think I can vary as well. Some people may get scared but just have great composure. Like, a fire fighter. He’s probably a little scared for his life but he’s still able to keep it together to fight the fire. So yeah, I think there’s a little bit of fear in everybody.

Our next question is by Imperial Rex:

Would a sentient alien (extraterrestrial) be able to accept Christianity as their religion?

Oh wow. First answer is yes. I’ll tell you why. This only makes sense if you believe that God is all powerful and created the universe. Now, in all of God’s power and glory, I believe that there may be other life forms on other planets. And, these aliens probably have experienced Jesus in a way. I could believe that. However, upon more consideration, there is one thing about humans: We’re made if God’s image. So, are there other creations on other planets that are also made in God’s image? This simple question that Rex asked can go so far but I’ll sum it up here:

It’s all up to God. If God decided that Earth wasn’t the only place where you can be saved…or I should say, if He feels like Humans are not the only people that can be saved, then so be it. We’ll probably never really know until we meet extraterrestrials and see what they live by. Really good question and I might dedicate an entire post to this.

So that’s it. That’s Dante’s Opinion. If you have questions you want me to tackle, go to my Ask Dante page and we’ll go from there. As for the answers I provided here,

They’re just my opinion!



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