The DALANEL Facebook Network

As you know, I am a page on Facebook. DanteWrites is the name. I recently mentioned that one of my pages “Nothing But Jokes” would become active again. In all, I have five pages that I manage, as well as another one that I am part of, although the page isn’t mine. I’m wondering if you heard of any of them:

  • DanteWrites
  • Nothing But Jokes
  • I Am A Great Person of God
  • I Think Dante Is Awesome
  • 3 Nelson Kids

Anyway, I wanted to let you know that I have resumed posting at “I Am A Great Person of God”. I have no plans for bringing back to life the other two pages so we’re left with the jokes, me, and people of God. Basically, the result of this blog came from those jokes and person pages. I started out on Facebook and came here.

I guess you can say I’m going back to my roots.

These pages will have an identity. It’ll be called something like this: The DALANEL Facebook Network. Essentially, since they are all under the same wing, and they are related to what I post here at DALANEL, I’d figure I make them all related. The people that like one page will constantly hear about the others. For a full experience, you would like all three pages.

It’s going to happen.

Of course, the likes of each page will be combined to label my Facebook following. And, ultimately, they will be led to this blog. Everywhere I go, I link myself back to this blog. This is the headquarters of my internet presence.

So, make sure you “like” me and my network today!


Now I want to hear from you

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