In a somewhat reluctant move, I have been invited to join my church’s newsletter team, which recently was formed but they published their first issue before I joined.

I say reluctantly because I don’t know if my skills are fit for the job. I am a blogger and this paper is for the journalists. I shine doing posts you see here at DALANEL vs what would be expected of me. I can also tell that there isn’t too much respect/understanding of blogging on the team so any chance I have of blogging would probably be shot down.

My expectations for my performance are on a grading level of C at best. There’s a reason why I wasn’t going to pursue journalism as a career. It’s not really me. My hope is that, eventually they take the paper to the internet and I can kinda run the blog version of the paper. Most papers have a blog so I think it could work,

Why did I join if I didn’t think I could fit? It’s the same with why I wrote a book in the first place: Just for the experience. I want to try out all types and styles of writing. We’ll see what happens. Right now, we’re in the midst of re-hauling the paper so in that sense I’m an original member of the team. But, I will probably know if I want to stick it out by the time I’m done my first article.

I could always tell the head editor what’s on my mind too and see if something can be worked out. Right now, I would say I’m not feeling too good about my role and how good I would be. We’ll see.

For now, it’s a chance for me to grow as a writer.