Weekly News 6

Another round of good, weird, and funny news to check out! Are you ready? Let’s do this thing.

This isn’t weird news…even if it does sound weird. No, we’ll say this is good news. For two years now, this guy, on his birthday, stands out in the street giving out money. Yup. Giving it away. This year was $750.

Here’s some creepy news. If you hate clowns, turn back now. Apparently, there’s a clown stalking a town. Yes, a town. Where? Northampton, England is where. Trust me, I’m not clowning around.

In Good News, we have a man who decided to show love to those less fortunate. He quit his six figure salary job to do charity work.

Mark Wahlberg (yes, that Mark Wahlberg) has finally become a high school graduate at age 42. He wants kids to finish too:
His Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation has partnered with other organizations to provide resources to young people who commit to finishing high school.
Good for him.
So a few police officers cut in line to buy Grand Theft Auto. Only problem was, they weren’t cops. Wait, the folks were outside waiting for the store to open. These guys show up, get inside before opening, and run off with copies of the game. Yeesh. And that’s not even it. Check out the rest of the story.
Now, this good news really touched me. This boy was having surgery and he had his favorite stuffed animal with him. Apparently, his wolf had a tear on his shoulder. So, the doctor sewed him up and put on a bandage and everything. It was awesome. Hit the link for the picture. I say this touched me because my own stuffed animal was “operated” on during a trip to the hospital. I still have it to this day. I totally understand the connection of a boy and his stuffed animal.
In my New Jersey, apparently, you can either be a judge or comedian; not both. Yup, here’s a quote from the article:
 That was the conclusion from the state’s highest court on Thursday, when it ruled a municipal judge could not continue to spend his days on the bench and his nights as a stand-up comedian. Vince Sicari was the judge in South Hackensack, a small town in Bergen County, New Jersey, where he worked part-time ruling on traffic violations and other minor legal matters. Vince August, his alter ego, is a comic and television actor who has frequently appeared on the ABC show “What Would You Do?” and regularly performs at Caroline’s, a New York City comedy club. In a 30-page opinion – which, for the record, did not contain a single joke – the New Jersey Supreme Court essentially told Sicari to choose between doling out puns or punishment.
And there’s another week of news!

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