As I mentioned a month or so ago, I quit ushering. I talked about why I quit ushering. I wanted to update you on the situation. Shortly after I quit, one of my pastors noticed I wasn’t “in uniform” and asked me what was up. We started talking about it until he realized that some serious was going on and I instead came the next day in the church office and we talked about it.

I talked about all of the problems that I shared on this blog. And, it would appear my voice is being heard. For one thing, the church has finally mentioned to the congregation that ushers are needed. I appreciate that but I’m still out for the year. There needs to be more changes otherwise I’m walking back into the same situation and that’s not happening.

I still stand firmly that 2014 is the earliest I would come back.

Also, the church is offering an ushering class for new people. Apparently, my input is valued because the teacher of the class wanted me to attend to add in my input. This happened yesterday (Sunday). I agreed to do that. It’s my chance to help get my voice heard and try to get the ushers on the same page. Last time they did this was about 4-5 years ago, the time I started ushering. That’s too long. Church has a requirement of being trained before ushering. Problem is, we haven’t had any new guys since that time and our numbers have only shrunk. Terrific.

So, for these efforts, I am appreciative. It’s not bringing me back any sooner but at least something good came out of me saying that “enough is enough”. All I wanted to do was get out of a bad situation. I wasn’t aiming to bring any change. I was just tired. Like, Rosa Parks. I’m not saying I’m there but the parallels are there.

I’m looking forward to a great return. I love ushering and I know it’s what I’m supposed to do. I just refuse to be mistreated. Part of me still seriously considers leaving the church still, and this has been on my mind since the disaster I had at last year’s cantata that led me to want to take a break from church. The ushering incident only amplified it. It’s not a good thing that, almost a year later, nothing much has changed.

No matter what, I love God and will do what He wants me to do. I will go where He leads. That’s the ultimate thing to take from this.