Dante’s Opinion: “I am consumed with negative thoughts how do I stop?”

Another week of questions. Keep in mind, my answers to these questions are just my opinion. I’m no professional in any area. Our first question is from purplekoolaid:

The past 2 days have gotten the best of me. I am extremely overwhelmed with anxious feelings that my stomach has been churning pretty much. It’s causing me to have to poop more frequently. Which is weird I’m usually not ever having to. It’s sort of like a feeling you have before you start school in the fall. Or take a test. But it won’t go away. I’m not even in school I’m 24!

I think it’s for many reasons. I am hating my new job I have been working there for a month. Plus I am stressed because I am consumed with thoughts of seeing my boyfriend and leaving this job. We are long distance and I just wanna pack up and move away to be with him already. I have anxiety that I will never see him again if I don’t make a move because we are in different countries. I just worry about things that aren’t even happening. I’m scared I will lose his love etc.

I’m 24. I am also noticing these feelings right before I start my cycle and I know what is happening but it’s hard for me to control this sadness within me.

Whew! This is tough. In a general thought, I would suggest get some spiritual help. All of this stress can be managed by God if you accept Jesus into your life. Now, to go deep into the question. In these tough economic times, quitting a job seems foolish. However, it’s proven that doing something you hate can have serious impacts on your health, as you…uh, described. Leave the job or at least find another one and then quit. As for the boyfriend, that’s something I can speak to from a little experience. I talked about my long distance relationship with my cousin. It’s not the same exact thing but it’s something. Anyway, as I said before, turn to God for peace. Ultimately, you obviously need peace and God can give you that peace. Also, talking to your boy friend can be a good idea too. See where he stands in the relationship or how he feels. No sense leaving everything to go be with a guy who may not even have strong feelings for you.

Next, we have Matthew Cammarata:

So my girlfriend recently broke up with me cause we were going into two different schools ( these schools are not far away at all) she calls me everyday still and I still love her, she tells me she wants to still kiss and have sex with me and I love her still so I want to but I don’t know if I should, help me!

Bro…she’s using you. Look, and I’m ignoring what I would do in a relationship. We’re talking about you. In your relationship, if you’re doing the same stuff as before the “break up” but can’t be a couple, she’s either using you or she wants to be friends with benefits. Now, since you’re able to see or at least talk to each other every day, I don’t see how your relationship has to end. So, I’m not buying that. I would say you deserve better. If you want an actual relationship and she’s not willing to do that, then move on from any kind of romantic situation with this chick.

The last question is from Logan:

I’ve recently become a soccer ref. I reffed my first games this Saturday. Being my first game, I had a lot of trouble of when to blow the whistle and call offsides and where to draw the line. I recieved comments like “COME ON REF. OPEN YOUR EYES! CALL SOMETHING”. Being only 13, it’s really hard not to respond with something. I make good money, and the games where the coaches and parents were behaved made it really easy. But it’s not easy being an AR with parents 5 feet from your line and constantly yelling offsides at every ball. Any tips on how to handle the parents or barricade myself mentally?

First of all, as a soccer fan and one that has done some officiating of my own, I know that parents are crazy. Looking at your age, this is especially damaging. For one thing, talk to your supervisor and/or the head of the league. In the meantime, as hard as it may be, you’ve got to ignore them. And, of course, this goes for just about any job. Last thing we want is for you to lose your cool so try to get help. At the end of the day though, you have to make the call. Not everybody will agree with you so be true to yourself and that’s it.

And another set of questions answered. As usual, go to Ask Dante if you would like my opinion on a topic


5 thoughts on “Dante’s Opinion: “I am consumed with negative thoughts how do I stop?”

    • Haha yeah, you’re right on that one. I was gonna touch on that but was like “nah”. Then she talked about her cycle and I knew I had to be quiet about anything related to the body. But yeah, constantly see some really…personal stuff on Yahoo! Answers (my main source of questions).


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