Daily Good Stuff 187: Behind the scenes, sources, and thoughts

This isn’t going to be a typical DGS post. I’m giving you the inside look at how I’m able to pull this off. It requires more research than anything.

For one thing, like I said, it takes a lot of research to find these things. In all, it probably takes ten minutes total to actually paste my findings onto the post, set my tags and schedule the post for the next day. The other hour? I’m out looking for high quality stuff. For the most part, I put in stuff that I would personally enjoy. But, not everybody has the same taste as I, so it’s important to go out of the comfort zone. As you can tell by the many posts, I try to keep things PG or PG-13.

I always have more than one source to turn to. I’m going to list my sources right now for each feature:

Scripture: Christ Notes, The Daily Bible Verse

Quote: Brainy Quote, Quote Garden

Funny image: Google, Bing, a few I make from time to time

Video: (currently inactive but a feature for DGS) Youtube

Joke: Jokes Warehouse, Cool Funny Jokes, Aha! Jokes, Clean Jokes

Good News: Good News Network, Happy News

Weird/Funny News: MSNBC Weird News, Weird News Universe, Reuters

That way, if one source falls through, I can turn to another. Scriptures and quotes are normally easy. Jokes are probably the hardest. Sometimes, good news and weird news are just stale. I have to admit, Huff Post used to be a source but they have too many animal stories. Animals wearing a cute outfit or dancing to a song, or a neat trick. That’s not good news to me. I’m looking for a hero or a miracle type thing.

I’ve actually grown as a person from doing these posts. I get some benefit from doing this. Like the quotes and scriptures help change my perspective on my situation. I need a good laugh? looking at the jokes and funny videos cheer me up. I’ve seen some disturbing images but most of them are great.

I like to mention the latest news I find. It always surprises people because they simply o not hear about it. TV barely shows that. You gotta be on the computer to find most of the news you see here at DALANEL.

I’m glad I started doing this. I really think it can make a difference. A positive difference. It truly is the backbone of this blog’s goal. I’ve had to slow down (like taking a week off of posting and no longer posting DGS 7 days a week), but this feature is not going anywhere any time soon. I’m thinking about making a video of me actually creating a DGS post so you can really get a feel for how this all works.

At the end of the month, I’ll review how well the blog did in September. A few records were broken. A lot happened this month even though viewing declined from August. And Daily Good Stuff is leading the way.

Thanks and make sure you tell your friends/family how awesome this blog is!





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