DALANEL Stats: September 2013

As I said in my review of August, I would keep track of each month going forward. September has ended and now is the time to look back at the site’s performance. To start us off, overall views were barely more than August so it was a good month. Not like I had less views. I had less visitors than August though. Yeah. Less people; more traffic. To be clear, visitor would be one person. This one person can click on several things. July is still number one so that’s my goal.

All stats terminology and numbers are from WordPress.

Let me be clear here: DALANEL viewing, compared to successful blogs, is terrible. DALANEL has a long way to go.

September did set a new record for views in a day as well as new followers in a day as well and they were both on the same day. So, while not much has happened in terms of viewing, people are liking this blog. My streak of at least one follower per week lives on since March 2013 so that’s great.

So, let’s break down the viewing. First, by countries (top five):

  1. United States
  2. Australia
  3. Canada
  4. United Kingdom
  5. Germany

So I get around although I would guess that perhaps 80% of the views were from USA. Next, top referrers (top five):

  1. Search engines
  2. Tumblr
  3. Pinterest
  4. Twitter
  5. Facebook

Okay, now a few notes. Tumblr has become the number on social media referrer for DALANEL even after getting my first link in August. Impressive. Facebook, my largest following, is fading fast. Where in the love, man!? Most of my Facebook following is family and friends vs online acquaintances on other sites. Anyway, I’m going to break down the search engine:

  1. Google
  2. Bing and Yahoo! tie

Yeah…I don’t get a lot of traffic outside of Google. I actually combine their separate stats. Like, for Google, they list Google, Google image search, and even Google mobile. I just add those numbers together. Same with the rest.

So, which posts got the most traffic? Well, outside of the Home page/Archives, here’s what you’ve been looking at:

  1. Daily Good Stuff 77
  2. Daily Good Stuff 133: It’s My Birthday!
  3. Daily Good Stuff 168
  4. Daily Good Stuff 49: Funny Comics
  5. Daily Good Stuff 163

Yup, Daily Good Stuff ruled the month. The top non-DGS post lands in 8th place. And you know what? 8th place is a Weekly Funnies which branches off of DGS. I must be doing something right with these posts since a few of them were published before September.

To see how well I did in August, check out my stats here. It was published in August but it still worked out since the last couple of days in August was terrible. I’m hoping October is better or at least the same as September.

Here’s to a great October. My sister’s birthday is in it. My parents’ anniversary is in it. There’s a lot of celebrating going on and I want you to be a part of it!



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