Dante’s Opinion: What Is Your Favourite Song?

Another round of questions answered! Our first one is from Savannah:

What is your favourite song? what is the one song that u ca listen to over and over and never get tired of hearng it

I am going to go with Fred Hammond “He’s God”.

This one is from Jim:

Hello I am 21 years old and I just started a job at a theme park and it is pretty simple. However, I am a very serious loyal worker. Whatever the rules are I follow them. Even if it is a simple job I am strict and will follow rules. My supervisor is a bit laid back. He always lets people in for free and makes fun of me how I am serious. Also, when I have to leave a 10 pm when my shift is over. I tell him I have to go home and study. He yells at me really loud and said KID YOUR YOUNG!. I feel like he wants me to stay because he knows that I am hardworking and he leaves all the work to me and he walks around and just text all day. He also makes fun of me and tells me I ask too many questions and that I am person who thinks to much. I finally got tired after three weeks and went to go talk to the ceo which is my friend. My supervisor got in my trouble for treating me this way. I felt so bad afterword but my other manager loves me and they want to promote me. The only one that doesn’t like me is my supervisor. Did I do something bad?

Nope. It sounds like he’s a bad supervisor. Okay, not bad, but he wasn’t treating you right.. Rules are rules. And when your shift is over; it’s over.And good for you that your hard work is paying off. Maybe he was kidding around but still. Letting people in for free? No-no.

Last question is from Doug:

Shouldn’t “T-Mac” be “T-Mc” since his last name is “Mc”grady? Doesn’t sound nearly as cool lol, but that’s what it should be

You know what? You’re right. I missed this one big time.

That’s it. Remember, if you have a question for me to give an opinion on, go to the Ask Dante page and follow what it says.



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