Faith in God, not the Government

If you’ve been following this blog, or if you’ve followed me at all, then you kinda knew this post was coming.

I follow politics. I rarely discuss them. I don’t have a party; I just vote on the best solution to the issue. Race and/or gender doesn’t matter to me.

Okay, got that out of the way. Let’s talk about recent events. I’m sure you heard the US government shutdown. I’m not going to talk about who is right or wrong. I am going to talk about why this shutdown doesn’t phase me…that much.

My faith is in God, who is on control of everything. He will make sure I survive this mess. Not to say this shutdown will kill us all, but, I know there are some people who are scared. Scared because the government has shut down and things are uncertain.

Don’t get me wrong. The government is important. Very important. The Bible calls Christians to pray for our government and to follow their lead. I’m no rebel and I do care for my government. I think it’s a shame this has happened. People have lost their jobs…but the bills won’t stop.

But we have to trust God. Not just during the hard times but for the good too. So, to keep this post short, pray for this nation. Pray that both sides will come to a sensible agreement. We need to get out of this and the leaders of this country need to follow God’s way.

Trusting God is smart. He will never let His people down. In the worst of times, He’s looking out for His own. So, while we need our government, let’s never forget who is in complete control. Also, really take a look at the related articles too as they help with my message. I didn’t use them, but, I ran into them after I was done.



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