So, recently, I was talking about my TV watching schedule and how many hours per day on average I’d be watching TV. I started to branch off in figuring out how that would fit into my daily routine. Welp, it’s time to ask myself that famous question: Where does the time go? First, a taste of my TV watching habits:

In all, if all I watch are the new episodes of the shows each week, that’s 11.5 hours of TV per week. On average, Sixers play four times per week give or take a game. Each game is 2.5 hours. 2.5 times 4 is 10. So, 10 plus 11.5 Is 21.5. So, on average, I would be watching three hours of TV per day. Is that smart? Almost a whole day gone from TV.

Okay, so that’s three hours gone. I sleep 6 hours. So, out of 24 hours, there’s nine gone from sleep and TV. I do work, but that’s Friday-Sunday in four hour shifts. But, let’s say my time on the computer is the same each day (I work from the computer). I also have to manage the blog, and, as you know, this computer gives me problems. Simple short tasks can turn into hours of foolishness. So, four hours a day on the computer. So, that’s 13 hours gone. Let’s not forget my volunteer work. Teaching kids at church, facilitating the Alpha Course, and reluctantly working at the foodbank. Each one basically goes 2.5 hours for three days a week.

There’s 168 hours per week. 21.5 is spent in front of the TV. 42 of them sleeping. 19.5 is spent volunteering and working. So, that’s 83 hours right there. Free time left is 85 hours. On a per day basis, that’s a little over 12 hours. Not bad. Of course, I still have my blogging activities. We’ll go with four hours a day on the laptop doing whatever I need to do. So, that’s 28 hours a week. Now we’re down to 57 hours left in the week or a little over eight hours a day. You could say the rest of that time goes to school but that’d be a lie. I rarely study and I take online courses so actually sitting in class is not an issue. Soon, work on the cantata and the newsletter will take up that free time as well.

And that is where the time goes!