As a proud Philadelphia 76ers fan, I am fully aware of what disasters could happen on the court this upcoming season. So, to keep myself from going insane from potentially extremely terrible basketball, I will be doing things on Twitter.

For one, during each game, I will have at least one Tweet that will contain the title of a song. Now, it will be centered around the title and not necessarily what the song is about. The song title will describe the Sixers and/or their opponent in some way.

Next, whenever the Sixers trial by more than 20, which is considered a blowout in the NBA, at least by my standards, I’ll channel my inner Dick Vatale with “IT’S A BLOWOUT, BABY!

Also, and I did this last season as a form of sarcasm, I will let my followers know that the Sixers are doing fine. When the 76ers score at least 76 points, I normally say something like this: “Oh, the 76ers scored at least 76 points; they’ll be fine”. Of course, it may not seem sarcastic if the Sixers are actually in the game and have a serious chance of winning.

I will be wearing some type of 76ers clothing during games. And, if not a piece of clothing, then my rally towel or my lawn chair.

After each win, I will link to the Sixers’ “theme song” if you will.

Yeah, I’m gonna be doing things big. If you’re a Sixers fan, follow me on Twitter.