Posting Schedule Change

In order to try to get more traffic, I’m going to change up my posting schedule a little bit. Here’s how it’s gonna go:

Featured posts will post in the morning while non-featured posts in the early afternoon. If there is a second non-featured post, it will appear early evening. Here are the exact times I’m shooting for:

Daily Good Stuff, Weekly News, Weekly Funnies: 7 am

Other featured posts: 7:15 am

Non-featured #1: 12 pm

Non-featured #2: 7 pm

All times are ET. This can open a window for people that are on the internet on various times of the day. Daily Good Stuff and its weekend pals stay in the morning because I’m still going for that “start your day off right” thing. Anyway, I’m going to try this new look for a week and if there’s no change or if things are worse, then I’ll just go back to the original deal. Blog updates would show up in the morning.

Lastly, there is a poll on the site now that does ask when you’re on the internet. I have blocks of time but you can add your own block of time (3 hour blocks). This way, I’ll have a better idea of when you’ll better see my content fresh off the blog. You can go to the DALANEL Polls page but the poll will be at the end of the post too.

Thanks for reading. Make sure you sign up for updates to your email so you never miss a post. Making the tweaks to make DALANEL better.



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